/What is Powering the DpkLab's Blog
What is Powering the DpkLab's Blog
David Kennedy


A few years ago I ramped up building products. Many times I wanted to add blog content around the product, but couldn’t find a service which provided a good solution. Many of the solutions I found were overboard for my needs or had less than ideal hosting solutions.

Eventually I decided to create TinyCM which not only solves the problem I was facing, but also provided some learning opportunities. I’m always a fan of projects which allow me to learn or explore new solutions.

What is TinyCM?

TinyCM is a lightweight headless content manager for your projects. With a headless CMS approach, it allows users to create and add content to their websites in minutes using TinyCM's content API. TinyCM focuses currently on blog content, allowing users to generate content and host it on their projects domain.

Integrating TinyCM

With TinyCM’s content API, I am able to fetch the list of posts, and the posts themselves. The API allows me to fetch via the slug which allows me to easily match the paths and links from the site to the content. Using Next.JS SSR I am able to fetch and load an SEO friendly page.

A quick overview of TinyCM. I am looking forward to expanding the TinyCM’s tooling and creating posts about what I learned in the process.

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