/Why I Built Blokfeed
Why I Built Blokfeed
David Kennedy

Hi Everyone!

I want to start my blog off with a look into the most recent personal project I've worked on. Why and how I built Blokfeed.

Let's get started...💡

A little over a year ago I really started diving into the world of blockchain and crypto. Watching YouTube and trying to keep up with the news. After a while I realized there was too much information for me to keep up with. I looked around and found some sites that aggregated news articles, but the sites were convoluted to me and still required me to sift through a lot of information. So I decided to solve my own problem and create a site that would not only aggregate news articles relating to the crypto and blockchain industry, but provide additional tools to lessen the time I was spending sifting through articles I didn't care about.

Soon after that day the Blokfeed domain name was purchased and I began figuring out how I was going to solve my problem.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Article Aggregation

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